Foldaway Design Play Mat


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Foldaway Design Play Mat

Foldaway Design Folder Playmat are created to improve perception and EQ of chilren. It also sitimulate their imagination and emotions.

The playmat was developed to provide the safest cushioning for your child. The thick construction promotes safety and helps prevent accidents that may commonly occur. This is also an essential item for your child's emotional and creativity development.


  • Eco-friendly and Safe. Tested and certified by SGS, the world's leading safety certification company!
  • Versatile. Can be transformed into a table, couch, standing screen, diaper changing mat, play tunnel or even pilates mat for hours of fun!
  • Comfort. Firm enough for easy foot pivoting yet forgiving enough to pad falls!
  • Absorbs noise and protects kids from cold floor!
  • "Breathable" exterior makes air circulation possible, minimising the growth of fungus in the interior!
  • Lightweight and stackable. Convenient and saves space!
  • Waterproof. Easy to clean & convenient to sanitise!

Product Details:

Origin: Hand made in Korea

Size : 200cm x 140cm

Outer Material: Non-toxic PU Leather

Inner Material: High-density elastic PE Foam