Foldaway PE Play Mat


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Rp 1.350.000


Foldaway PE Play Mat

Made from hygenic and non-toxic PE Materials which is used for food packaging. Soft and safe covering for baby and children to play on. This eco-friendly fabric emotional design has a goof effect for interior and developt children's emotions. Treated with waterproof coating for waterproofing and also make it easy to clean and wipe with soft damp cloth.

Safer and fluffy on both side embossed

Excellent shock absorptions to ensure the safety of our children

Secure the round disposal of outer liner, build to be used to last long

Light and easy to carry, free of crease and squashed. You can keep by rolling up if not in use.

Fabric Sensitivity Design

It is a nature pattern that has a good effect on children's cognitive development process.

Convenient cleaning and waterproof coating

It is treated with a waterproof coating, so it can be easily cleaned as well as waterproof. A special embossing process provides a superior cushion layer with less pollution.

Non-slip Function 

To increase the safety of the mat, the non-slip function is added on the bottom surface. In addition, it has been manufactured to be safe for long-term use of the product through precise finishing process

Size :

Standard : 200cm x 150cm

Grand : 250cm x 150cm